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Yes. You can join our waitlist should more tickets should we add tickets or showtimes. Click Here.

Holding tickets in the cart does not guarantee reservations. 

In the past, we’ve experienced users holding large quantities of tickets across multiple devices without intent of purchasing – stopping others from securing tickets. To prevent this, only orders that are fully completed are confirmed.

Due to the layout of the seating in our showroom, we only can seat groups in even numbers. Large groups may sit together (assuming they check-in early before the show).

Tickets prices are listed per person but sold in pairs.

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This experience owes its success to the dedicated efforts of numerous talented individuals working diligently behind the scenes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Hotel LeVeque, the attentive waitstaff, valet attendants, and countless others.

consultants & scripting

Brent Braun
Daniel Martin
Ben Jackson
Daniel Garcia

Production & Lighting

Brent Schmidt

Marketing & Creative

Nick Francis
Michael Marrah
Billy Matsumoto